Celebrating Advent: Getting the Most out of Sacred Music


Westminster Abbey

If you’ve ever had the joy to travel to Europe or any other place with a history stretching back to antiquity, you know the value of preparation. The more knowledge you bring to a visit , the more you appreciate what you are seeing. A trip to Westminster Abbey is much more meaningful to someone who knows something of Henry the III than to someone who sees the building apart from any knowledge of its role in the burials, coronations, and weddings of history.

Sacred music is the same. A little time spent familiarizing yourself (and your children if you have any) with the life of the composer will make listening a rich experience. Unraveling the Latin lyrics or familiarizing yourself with the English ones is as simple nowadays as googling “Lyrics for Vivaldi’s Gloria.” By doing both these things the music with unfold itself for you.

To make it even easier….

VivaldiHere is a link to the lyrics for Vivaldi’s “Gloria.”

handelClick here for lyrics to Handel’s “Messiah”.

Enjoy a concert this Advent season!

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