Cyber Book Club: Week 2–Losing a War and Accepting Help in Weakness

Young and married. Dietrich's parents, Paula and Karl.

Young and married. Dietrich’s parents, Paula and Karl.

It’s still the perfect time to jump in and read along with us! This week we are reading chapter 2, which is VERY short. This is good news if you still need to wrap up chapter 1.

Here are some good questions to discuss:

Dietrich was a child when Germany lost World War I.


How would our country look today if we had lost a war and, consequently, lost some of our land? How would losing Alaska and Hawaii change America? How about key ports on our coastline? What if a large part of our military was demobilized?

Paula Bonhoeffer lost her son in World War I. How has family tragedy affected you? Do you know others who have been prostrated by a life event? How did Paula receive help during this time? Did she accept help? How long did it take her to heal? Are you patient with yourself and others in weakness?

germany ww1


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