Cyber Book Club– Week 3: What Does Church Look Like to You?


Another short chapter ahead! This week we venture into Chapter 3 “Roman Holiday“. Here Dietrich journeys to Rome with his brother Karl. Besides enjoying the art and history, he walked into the center of the Catholic world.

“In his diary Bonhoeffer recorded that Palm Sunday was ‘the first day that something of the reality of Catholicism dawned on me, nothing romantic or the like, but rather that I am beginning, I believe , to understand that concept ‘church’. This new idea forming in the eighteen-year-old’ mind that day in Rome would end up having profoundly significant ramifications.” (p. 53)

Here are some questions for you to think about this week:

How does the Christian church look different in different cultures?

Have you observed any of these firsthand?

What can we learn from other Christians who worship differently than we do?

What encouragement do you have in being part of a universal family?