Adoring Christ Through Art: A Poem

heart in sand

We are celebrating Christ’s love for us by devoting five days (from now till Easter day) to sharing our love through art for what He did for us.  If you have any poem, song, short story, artwork, etc. (by yourself or another Christian artist) that expresses your love for Christ, feel free to let us know in the comments section. Maybe we can feature the work here on our blog!

Our first work is by Jeanne Price and is entitled, “Face Down”.

“Today I prayed down on my face,

The LORD showing me this is my place.

The best day there could ever be,

Is the one that starts with the LORD and me.

My troubles are muffled throughout the day,

Knowing He’s beside me all the way.

Whatever happens now is up to Him,

Even when I fail He’ll be there to pick me up again.

For His love is greater than I’ll ever understand,

I’m just thankful He’s here holding my hand.

My Father, My creator, My protector and Friend,

Forever my heart is Yours to the end.”

Jeanne Price, 2015. All rights reserved.

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