Did you know it’s still Eastertime?

07_Resurrection_portrait_with_dates-665 (1)

It’s kinda cool to begin to count time by Christ. Other things seem to take their proper place. It’s not just April 21st, it’s the second week of Easter looking forward to Pentecost! It is a wonderful time to focus on Christ’s resurrection and what it  means for us and tells us about God. Honestly, one day is obviously not enough!

If you are a parent, grandparent, or caregiver, this is a great time to continue the conversation about Christ’s power and supremacy over Satan, sin, and death. What do we have because of Christ’s work on the cross? So much! Can your kids name some things–for example….

  • The hope of heaven and a new earth
  • Forgiveness for our sins
  • The hope of eternal life
  • The hope of a world without Satan

Also, don’t take for granted that your children or students (or yourself, for that matter) know all the basic facts about Christ’s resurrection. One day isn’t very long to take in information about this wonderful event. So pull out your Bibles and spend some time on the account of the best day in the history of man!


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