What Prevents You from Being Baptized?


“Baptism is, as it were, the proverbial spiritual stake in the ground…you are making a public statement that you now believe in Christ and belong to Christ.

What prevents you from being baptized? Have you met the prerequisites? Has the Lord moved upon your heart, revealed His Son to you through His Word, and have you trusted Christ as your Savior and Lord for forgiveness of sin and life evermore? Have you seen Him on the tree bearing the weight of your sin? Having come to understand that he died for you to make you right with God, to take your sin and give His righteousness, do you desire with all your heart to be identified with this suffering, saving, risen Savior? If so, then it is time for you to be baptized.” Pastor Wil Owens

Have questions about baptism? Join Pastor Wil Owens as he reviews Acts 8:26-40 and takes a deeper into Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch and explores one of the sacraments Christ gave us.

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