Fellowship Begins With Christ


Togetherness. Belonging. It’s what we all need. And with new trials facing Christians everyday, we need each other just as much as the first century church did. Are you a part of the church universal? Do you truly have fellowship with believers worldwide? How about those close to home? Pastor Wil Owens begins his series on fellowship in 1 Corinthians 1. Listen as Pastor Wil discusses what we must first have to find true unity with one another–Christ Himself.

Christ sustains us through this life. He carries us, upholds us, so that no matter what we face, whether it be hardship, heartache, or temptation, He enables us to keep believing, to keep holding fast to Him, to not give in or give up. Through the hardest of times, the happiest of times, the daily distractions, and the constant drift to wander, we keep holding to Christ because Christ keeps holding to us! He sustains us.

–Wil Owens, Teaching Pastor

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