Keep On The Sunny Side!

Peeling yourself off the floor (or the ceiling) after news casts?

Artist unknown

Need some serious sedation after the latest news from Capitol Hill?

nervous cat

Artist unknown

Are whiney talk show hosts bringing you down?

sad cat

If you need a break from the shell-shocking stories of the day, take a walk on the sunny side for a while.

Browse our fledgling Good News Category for news that is guaranteed to NOT scandalize, shock or depress.

Right here! The only G-rated news location on the planet!

reclining cat

Artist –unknown. Cat–adorable. If you find the artist, let me know so I can give him/her credit. If you find the cat, let me know, so I can pet his amazing belly.

Browse through our news posts under the category “Good, (Sometimes Funny) News” located to the right. More news worthy of your time to come!
Because you can’t be serious all the time.


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