The Sexual Revolution’s Coming Refugee Crisis


By Russell Moore

This past weekend I met a couple who were married on the Fourth of July and baptized on the fifth. They had been cohabiting for many years and had several children together. They had never known anyone who was part of a church. But when their lives didn’t turn out the way that they hoped, they were willing to try anything, including a local church. There they ran into an old gospel, and new life. As I watched them plunged into the waters of baptism—and as I heard their three year-old son yell from his pew “Wow!”—I thought about how their story may well be the story of the coming generations.

The Sexual Revolution certainly seems triumphant. After a generation of no-fault divorce, cohabitation, ubiquitous pornography, and the cultural unhinging of sex from marriage and marriage from childbearing, we now see the courts and the culture decoupling…

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What Happens When a Blind Man Sees?

Photographer: Elijah Hiett Instagram: @elijahhiett427

Photographer: Elijah Hiett. Instagram: @elijahhiett427

A whole lot. People get mad. Accusations fly. Those one rely upon turn squeamish. But light shines. A body is healed. A heart becomes courageous. And a Savior comes to comfort.

Are you suffering? Are people blaming you for it? Is your family turning their back on you?  Do you feel ostracized by those who should be supporting you? Have you felt Christ’s comfort yet?

If you are seeking answers, take the time to listen as Pastor Wil Owens unpacks Christ’s most exceptional miracle and helps us “see” what we can expect to experience when we meet Christ and accept His healing touch. So grab a Bible if you have one and enjoy this special two-part series on John chapter 9.

No matter how formidable, convincing, emotional, or heated the arguments of man may be, let us remain steadfast in the truth of God’s Word. What matters most in this life is not what others may think about us or do to us or declare about us, what matters most in this life is what God declares about us, what God has done for us, and what God has to say to us. –Teaching Pastor Wil Owens