How To Plead With God

Photo credit: Livia Korandy

Photo credit: Livia Korandy

     “Let us be just as honest with God. When we plead with God, let us lay our hearts before him. Honestly describe our condition. State our case. Whether real or perceived…”

David, in his Psalms, shows us how to be real with God…and ourselves. Are you wrestling with personal failure? Or tremendous fear? Or grief? God is big enough to handle our deepest questions and darkest fears. Join Pastor Wil Owens as he shows us how King David, a man after God’s own heart, pleads with God and finds strength and peace.

     “Dear believer, listen and listen well, when you are sure that heaven is silent and heaven is shut that God is nowhere near and is not listening, you can be even more sure that the very opposite is true. Feelings and perceptions often place God in a far, foggy, distant land, but by faith we can be assured that we rest in His loving arms.”

Wil Owens, Teaching Pastor


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