The Scripture for Life: On Homosexuality and Gay Marriage


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“Passions are our desires. And they can be very small– like I really want to eat pizza. And they can be very large, and overwhelming, and monstrous, like I want to feed my sexual appetite….Dishonorable passions do not define who God meant you to be, they seek to pull you away from who God designed you to be.”  Pastor Wil Owens

You know what the Supreme Court thinks. You might know what your neighbor thinks. But what does the Bible really teach about homosexuality? The Supreme Court’s decision to sanction same-sex marriage earlier this year put the issue of homosexuality front-and-center for all Americans. Pastor Wil Owens compassionately and concisely looks at the guidance Scripture gives us in a special two-part sermon.

Take a moment to listen and learn what the Bible says about the water-shed issue of our day.

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