Sexual Addictions, Brokenness, and Gender Confusion


Maybe our premise is wrong. It’s seems a no-brainer–the idea that a no-holds-barred pursuit of pleasure should lead to happiness. But real life results deny the supposition. Why is this? Could there be a better way to do life?

Join Pastor Wil Owens as he explains why the quest for happiness outside of the will of God always fails to satisfy. Find hope, help, and strength to start again by knowing the One who created you.

God’s design for your sexuality and gender is such that it is the most fruitful, fulfilling path for your life. The Lord is for you totally – mind, soul, and body! He doesn’t mean for us to have lesser pleasures. He means for us to experience the greatest pleasures. He doesn’t intend to redeem part of us. He intends to redeem all of us, soul and body. Our bodies are a gift of God purposed for His glory, designed to experience ultimate joy in Him!  Pastor Wil Owens

As always, if you are close enough to attend Clovis Evangelical Free Church, we would love to meet you! Join us for Bible Study at 9 a.m. and for Worship at 10:30 a.m.


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