Walking Towards Sunday: My Favorite Advent Calendar <3


Today’s December 1st and if you haven’t already bought an advent calendar, I just have to share my all-time favorite one with you! In fact, this advent calendar is so charming it’s worth having two! Kids will love it, but I suspect moms will be the ones playing on it most of the time 😉

My mother sent me one years ago and since then I have looked forward to getting these for myself 😉  …Oh, yes..and for my friends and family.

Every year, Jacquie Lawson creates an interactive and uber-charming Christmas wonderland. In her world there is something to explore, discover, learn, or create everyday of December. If you leave it open, this calendar will even serenade you with some classical Christmas music. 

Her attention to detail makes this calendar super-fun. The town clock is always set to the  time where you live and if the sun is down in your real world, it is in your advent world too! 

The link below will take you to her site’s webpage where you can see a demo of this year’s calendar, which has a Victorian theme. 

I just had to share this happy bit of Christmas-time that I love! 

Click here to preview! Advent Calendar