Let Nothing You Dismay…Starting the New Year With Hope


What worries you?

North Korea has tested the H-bomb.

The El Nino rains probably won’t solve California’s drought.

Your teen seems unreachable.

It could be anything.

This world is rife with things to worry about. And while we were never promised a rose-petaled path, as Christians we bear the hardships this world throws at us with true hope. Our hope is fixed on the real historical person of Christ, not just on a mantra or a cliche sentiment. We have more to hold onto than a mere idea that, “things will work out in the end.”

Teaching Pastor Wil Owens delivers a Christmas devotional packed with hope for the New Year and all it might dish out to us. Don’t miss it! Click on the link below to listen and “let nothing you dismay.”

[God grants] comfort to address whatever you dismay – and joy to replace it, to overwhelm it, to overcome it! The joy of forgiveness of sin, rescue from the evil one, and eternal redemption! The only thing great enough or glorious enough to overshadow whatever you dismay is the comfort and joy of belonging to God. For the child of God, the rest of God is ours both now and forevermore!  Wil Owens–Teaching Pastor

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