A King Arrives…To Die


“This is the final time Jesus will make this journey to Jerusalem. This is Jesus on the way to the cross and marks the beginning of His final days on earth. This begins the events that will lead to His crucifixion and…paves the way for Jesus to be the final sacrifice for sin. Jesus, the Lamb of God, will be slain on Passover. Everything concerning salvation that God has promised and that the OT has been pointing to will culminate in the substitutionary death of Christ.” Wil Owens, Teaching Pastor.

The solemness of Holy Week begins with Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem–what we now celebrate as Palm Sunday. Truly like a lamb to the slaughter, our king comes humbly on a donkey, as a servant of man, to die in our place. Fulfilling prophecy down to the smallest detail, believers gain confidence that Jesus of Nazareth is the Christ and will undoubtedly fulfill His promise to return for His own.

Follow along as Teaching Pastor Wil Owens takes us through Scripture and discusses that fateful day–the day when the final countdown to mankind’s redemption began.


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