The Father and The Cross

What questions does the crucifixion of Christ raise in your mind?
Is God loving or is He cruel?
Is God a cosmic child-abuser? Did Jesus have to beg the Father to love us?
With clarity and passion, Pastor Sam Musgrave answers these questions and gives us a fresh look at the crucifixion from God the Father’s viewpoint. Don’t miss a chance to better understand God’s love for you!
Sinful man saw an insurrectionist crucified as a criminal. The Father saw the eternal Word who was in the beginning with Him; the fullness of His own deity in flesh; the visible image of His own invisible nature; God Himself obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross…Never has the Father seen such faith, such love, and such glorious, resplendent, manifold witness to the greatness of God!– Pastor Sam Musgrave

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