National Dog Day? I Approve.




Who knew it was National Dog Day? Probably a lot of dog-lovers everywhere. All I knew was that today had thrown me some emotional curve balls–really challenging ones. That’s when my cockapoo fixed his big brown eyes on me.

Now, Oliver is really adorable…especially when he’s clean. Maybe it’s something about the poodle mix but give him a week after a bath and he starts to resemble the gray mop in Grandma’s cupboard. It’s not his fault. It just is.

Suddenly a trip to a self-serve dog wash seemed like the best idea ever. I could get out of the house for a little while and get out of my own thoughts by loving my dog into a better level of cleanliness.

When I arrived I knew I had made the right decision. Not only was it fun to watch the hair literally FLYING off the husky getting a blow-dry next to us, I blissfully lost all my concerns of the day in the sudsy water. I had all the room, tools and time to just pamper him…and maybe myself, too.

By the end, I had a fluffy, sweet-smelling pooch and I felt just about the same inside.

Pets are definitely one of God’s good gifts to man. So, yes, I’m glad there’s a National Dog Day.


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