Isaiah 40:8 Treasuring God’s Word Together–With Charles Spurgeon


Charles Spurgeon–arguably one of England’s greatest preachers. I say, definitely great hair.

“Now that is a cry that we all need to hear — the death-cry of all creature-confidence for man at his very best is only like grass in the flower. It will be mown down in due time, but if the scythe comes not near it, yet will it fade in its season, for it is a transient thing, and every hope and confidence which is based upon that which is seen must be temporal and must pass away. All the joy that you have tonight — all the hope and all the confidence you have which is based upon an earthly thing — must by degrees all disappear. Nothing is eternal but that which springs out of the eternal. Unless our hope be in the Lord alone, that hope will at some time or other fail us; and this is a cry we need to hear because, until we are sick of the creature, we shall not turn to the Creator. Till we have done with false confidences, we shall not make God our trust.”

“The grass withers, the flower fades,
    but the word of our God will stand forever.”  Isaiah 40:8

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