That Special Street in London

1 Kings Cross Road, London | WC1X 9HX | United Kingdom.

And we would be there for five nights!

Dad, ever the planner, had pre-arranged transport from Heathrow to our hotel–The Plaza at Kings Cross. The excitement began early–in the car, in fact, as the girls had never ridden in a vehicle in which the back seats faced each other.20170801_115811.jpg


On our way to the hotel, I saw the sad sight of Grenfell Tower rising high and charred on the skyline. I think seeing that building was the only sad moment of the entire trip.


The charred Grenfell Tower

20170801_123711One thing that struck me about London was how much construction is going on all the time. It makes sense, though. One of our guides told us that 30% of the city is re-built every so many years and it ceratinly looked like 30% of the city was under construction. It is truly a metropolis of the world.  The Track and Field World Championships were happening there during our stay. My niece who runs track found it great fun to follow Usain Bolt’s events on the telly in our hotel room each night.