The Scripture for Life: On Homosexuality and Gay Marriage


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“Passions are our desires. And they can be very small– like I really want to eat pizza. And they can be very large, and overwhelming, and monstrous, like I want to feed my sexual appetite….Dishonorable passions do not define who God meant you to be, they seek to pull you away from who God designed you to be.”  Pastor Wil Owens

You know what the Supreme Court thinks. You might know what your neighbor thinks. But what does the Bible really teach about homosexuality? The Supreme Court’s decision to sanction same-sex marriage earlier this year put the issue of homosexuality front-and-center for all Americans. Pastor Wil Owens compassionately and concisely looks at the guidance Scripture gives us in a special two-part sermon.

Take a moment to listen and learn what the Bible says about the water-shed issue of our day.

Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert


Curious about what a a former lesbian has to say about Christ, the Church, and the gospel? Check out this interview with former lesbian and gay activist Rosaria Butterfield. In this interview she answers some tough questions, gives great insight into what it is like to be unsaved and gay and a new Christian dealing with same sex attraction. It is a beautiful illustration of the power, soul-saving, life-transforming work of the Gospel and the Word of God as lived out by a loving, truth-affirming local church!

Scripture: The Sole Source of Life in Challenging Times


The landscape of our culture is changing at an unprecedented rate. How are we to navigate the troubling issues of our day in a post-modern society where subjectivism rules? Can we safely lead those we love and ourselves through such turbid waters?

Join Pastor Wil Owens as he begins a very special sermon series designed to help us walk through some of the hardest issues facing us today. God has not left us desolate and without guidance. In his first two-part sermon, Pastor Wil carefully lays a foundation for confidence in the Scriptures. In subsequent sermons, we will see how Scripture deals with homosexuality, same-sex marriage, the sanctity of life, gender confusion, adultery, pornography, anxiety, depression, fear and worry.

God’s Word is often difficult to grasp and embrace at first because it is so contrary to our nature, feelings, and emotions, but once embraced, it never fails to lead to life. Man’s word is often easy to grasp and embrace because it is so in line with our nature, feelings, and emotions, but once embraced, it never fails to leave us empty and dead…

The Word gives life for daily living, for the daily navigating of decisions and actions; hence the Word becomes our guide and map. The Word keeps us from the pitfalls around us and lights the path of living life well to the glory of God.    

Wil Owens, Teaching Pastor


Book Recommendation: Is God anti-gay?

Is God Anti-gay?: And Other Questions about Homosexuality, the Bible, and Same Sex Attraction. By Sam Allberry. The Goodbook Company: UK, NA, 2013.

There is no doubt in my mind that the issue of our day is homosexuality, and there is equally no doubt in my mind that Is God Anti-gay? is therefore a MUST read for every believer!

Allberry is more than qualified to provide this well-written, biblically-sound, pastorally sensitive contribution that will help clarify the issues, answer objections, and point people to the only true hope, the Gospel. Allberry is a single guy who serves as an associate pastor in the UK. He struggles with same sex attraction (SSA) and has found his strength, hope, and life in the Gospel.

In fact, the greatest strength of Allberry’s book is that he sets the issue of homosexuality within the larger context of the Gospel. In doing so, he is able to identify homosexuality or SSA as sin, just like any other sin, a distortion, rejection, of God’s good provision and will for marriage and our sexuality. The point is that we are all sinners, whether this happens to be our specific struggle or not. Therefore, the Gospel is the hope and answer for the homosexual just as it is for every other sinner in this world.

Allberry not only carefully reasons from Scripture regarding God’s good design for sex and marriage, he also carefully answers from Scripture the common objections against the biblical view of sexuality. Furthermore, in a very pastoral and caring tone, Allberry explains to those who struggle with this issue how the answer for them is the Gospel. He explains the power and sufficiency of the Gospel from Scripture and from his personal testimony of applying the Gospel to his life, that is, his struggle with SSA. For additional counsel, Allberry explains how the church and individual believers can reach out to those who face this issue with biblical, wise, gospel help.

In the final analysis, the answer for those who struggle with SSA is not “God loves me and this is the way I am.” The answer is “God loves me enough to make me more than I presently am!” And that is the answer for all of us!

Highly recommended. Greatly needed!