Fulfilling the Call to Love: Bethany Christian Services

Bethany Christian Services (BCS) ministers through a staff of over 900 dedicated professionals on five continents. Through counseling, adoption and foster care, BCS reaches out with the gospel of Christ by caring for orphans (estimated at more than 160 million worldwide) and vulnerable women and children. Your regular prayer for the staff and ministries of BCS, whether local or international, and for ministry volunteers from our church family is greatly appreciated.

Wycliffe–Finding People Who Need to Hear

Wycliffe is an amazing organization doing one of the most important tasks ever. We at Clovis Evangelical Free Church are thrilled to support our very own Wycliffe missionaries. Please remember them and all Bible translators as they work to fulfill the great commission.

Becky and Dave Spencer serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators (WBT) in Brazil. Dave works to promote and advance the “Use of Scripture” among the many tribes who now have portions of the Bible in their “mother-tongue.” He travels and speaks, teaching and encouraging national believers in their application of God’s Word.


Becky functions as the Personnel Director for the WBT staff in Brazil. She addresses the personal, personnel and projects needs in the ministry of Bible translation. Regular prayer for them is greatly appreciated. (Dave and Becky plan to be with us in August!)

Becky and Dave Spencer

Becky and Dave Spencer

A 5th-World Country. Poor and Rich.

african hutFirst world: highly developed, industrialized, westernized.

Second world: communist, industrialized.

Third world: still developing, usually high infant mortality, lots of poverty.

Fifth world: Just plain ancient. Primitive, no infrastructure, economically poor.

“5th World”. This seems to be a term coined by people traveling to what they THINK is a third world country and who instead find something dramatically different. They discover a world where most ways of life have stayed almost the same for thousands of years. My friend, Jerre, traveled to such a place in Africa this summer.

Remember the story of Abraham being visited by two angels and the Lord and how he served them? The meal he had prepared of freshly killed goat which he served them outside his tent was eaten thousands of years ago. On a mat outside her host’s tent my friend went back in time as her host, with able hands, chopped up their goat, tossing the horns over her shoulder to the path behind.

I always feel sad for people without adequate necessities. So I was so happy to hear, before any reports of poverty, that these people were rich as well.

Primitive in so many ways, these people were rich in certain things. According to my friend, they abounded in, “fellowship, community, smiles, sharing with others, guavas, bananas, bread,  and simplicity.”  Without media, they know their neighbors. Life requires hard work, but it is often work with a neighbor by your side. For believers, worshipping is a three-hour time to dance, sing, learn and share.

Being poor in certain things, like medical care and adequate water and food, is real suffering and it is natural for us to wonder how we can help people who have “less” than us. But it is good to remember that God gives blessings to all and that we have things to learn from all our global neighbors…lessons in sharing and in listening, in fellowshipping, and hospitality. Sometimes I wonder how I would ever make it without my washing machine or dishwasher. It is a happy thing to know that we can be rich in love, fellowship, and smiles, even without the comforts of the modern world.