On This Journey



We are a family. Whether single, married, young, old, healthy, wealthy, weak, or broke–we are family if we are both born again in Jesus Christ. On top of that, we’re a sisterhood and brotherhood that stretches across the globe! Pretty awesome, right?

And it’s a good thing we have each other, too, because our path through this world is not an easy one. We are supremely fortunate to have the privilege of fellowship in this in-between time…

…..this time of working while we wait to meet Him.

What is your journey like? Perhaps your Monday to Saturday is a never-ending cycle of laundry, meal prep, and driving.  Or perhaps you’re picking your way carefully through the corporate world. Are you a missionary slogging through humid days? Are you an artist–lonely for the fellowship of other Christians doing the same thing? Maybe you’re an empty-nester on your knees for your adult children. Maybe you’re sick and fighting for your life, wishing you were just a little stronger. Perhaps you’re in college praying about big life decisions looming large in front of you.

Whatever journey you are on, we all need to be reminded of His love, that it’s all worth it, that He is coming again, and that He has prepared a wonderful place for us.

So press on!  Put one foot in front of the other–and walk toward Sunday…to that day of rest when we can sit for a moment, with the sun at our backs, and catch our breath.

Keep on, brother. Keep on, sister. We are for you. And Christ is for you, too.